Sample pitch letter
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                         Sample pitch letter

Dear Mr. Vele,                

Arthur Rivlin one day decided to rebuild a boat in his garage, so 
he could sail on Lake Michigan... maybe even sail all the way 
across Lake Michigan. Little did he imagine that before the year 
was out, he was going to sail that little boat all the way across 
the Atlantic!

He wrote a book about his adventures -- "SAIL! Everything Must 
Go!" -- which tells how a perfectly average suburban hobbyist got 
carried away with his dream. One critic says the book is in a 
class with "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." Rivlin 
is not only a good writer; he's also a great story-teller, and I 
think your listeners would find his stories fascinating.

A hard-working father of three, Arthur Rivlin worked as an auto 
mechanic in a repair shop in Dundee, by day. By night he bought 
and repaired a boat, taught himself to sail, and then took off 
for one of the most unforgettable "vacations" ever experienced -- 
crossing the Atlantic all by himself in the summer of 1990.

Fortunately for radio audiences, he's as articulate in person as 
he is on the printed page. I can't imagine a more perfect guest 
for your program, "Booktime," on WKOC-FM. He's available any 
day this month -- but next month he's due to leave town on a book 
promotion tour.

I have enclosed a copy of his book. I will be calling in a few 
days to see if you agree that Arthur Rivlin would make a great 
guest. Thanks for your consideration.

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