Public Relations Writing: Lesson #10 - p. 6

This is a good time to catch up with your assignments

    I'm not making any new writing assignments in this lesson. And now that you've come to understand the requirements of the Message Planner, you should take a fresh look at each of the press releases you've been assigned to date, including your midterm.

    All your press releases will be rewritten several times before this course is over. That's just like the real life of the profession, where redrafts are common. By rewriting your press releases you are moving closer to "A" level work with every new draft. Now, as you receive my comments on your work, is a good time to redo the past assignments, using the new information you've learned today.

    When I edit each press release assignment, I don't take the time to repeat a discussion of the problems I've already told you about in these Web pages... I assume you're reading carefully, and all I need to do is identify the problem without detailed comment -- you will know what the problem is.

    If you are confused about my editing marks, use email to get in touch and raise the question.

    Your only writing assignment from this lesson (in addition to another chapter of reading in the text) is to do whatever new draft of your previous assignments that you want me to take another look at.

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