Public Relations Writing: Lesson #10 - p. 5

Links to subjects for this week's lesson

    Go to these links to learn more about specific elements of "PR Writing and the Web" This information is an integral part of this week's lesson, and will be included on your final exam.

    Writing for the Web is not the same as writing for print or broadcast media. As you know, because you use the Web yourself, online readers behave differently from those paging through a newspaper, or those viewing TV news. Here's a useful article on Writing for the Web, posted on the website for Internet PR Guide.

    Imagine that you have a new Web site or product to launch. You perhaps have some idea of how you'd proceed -- pretty much like any other PR project, right? Well, yes, except that PR for the Web entails some other specifics. Read this article on The boon and the burden of the Internet to the PR industry at

    the Internet has revolutionized PR practices, says this article about Using the Internet for Public and Press Relations, at

    The Internet did not replace tried and true techniques for getting your stories covered. This article talks about using the Internet while Getting Press the New-Fashioned Way. It was also found at

    There are a wealth of PR ideas online, at the Internet PR Guide website, or at Google, or Yahoo, and other search engines.

    Your only assignment next week is to do whatever new draft of your previous assignments that you want me to take another look at.

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