You're the PR writer at the Armitage Hall Foundation. Here's all the information you need to write a press release distribution at an April 18 press conference to announce the appointment of Jessica Haddaway.

Jessica Haddaway is 43 years old... she's divorced and lives in 
River North (Chicago)... she walks to work every day, about 10 
blocks... she is also a certified aerobics instructor... and 
conducts classes (it's more like a hobby for her) at the 
Chicago Sports Club, 311 N. Wabash, Chicago 60610...

She got her B.A. in Marketing Communication at George Washington 
University (Washington, D.C.)... got her M.B.A. at Univ. of 
Maryland... then for a few years she had her own PR firm in D.C.

Ten years ago she was hired at Radnor Steel, in Gary, Indiana... 
they make ball bearings... she was hired in their communications 
office... then became (5 years ago) head of corporate 
communications... one of her responsibilities was keeping track 
of Radnor's modest donations program (giving $$$ to local worthy 
causes)... under her, their corporate contributions grew from 
$10,000/yr to $100,000/yr... (She's still doing that, but now her 
title is v.p. of government relations) ... Not only that, but the 
way she gives away Radnor's money is interesting. She believes 
too many corporate contributions are wasted on administrative 
red tape. She would rather give money directly to social service 
agencies, even very small ones like battered spouse clinics, or 
pre-natal and neo-natal care, Head Start type programs, community 
medical clinics, and the like.... If you're in the "wrong" type 
of neighborhood, you might see her on the sidewalk some morning, 
wearing her blue jeans and sneakers, just waltzing into some 
storefront clinic to see what they're doing and to figure out if 
they can use some funding to do their good work.

By the way, about five years ago she joined the Society of 
Corporate Philanthropy and now is a member of their board. She is 
also a member of the American Association of Charitable Services.

Meanwhile, back in 1982, when Ms. Haddaway was running her own PR 
firm, Arnold A. Phillips ascended to the presidency of the Armitage 
Hall Foundation, at 150 N. LaSalle, Chicago 60601 (312-443-4000)... 
This is a foundation with an endowment of over $1 billion; it makes 
grants to the Mayo Clinic, and many universities, for medical 
research -- usually very large grants, which total over $100 
million a year. Thus it is one of the biggest funding resources 
for medical research in the world.... Phillips has been there for 
19 years. Now he plans to retire.... He wants to spend time 
fishing in California. That's where he comes from.

At today's press conference the board of trustees of Armitage 
Hall Foundation going to be proudly announcing that Ms. Haddaway 
will be their new president. She will leave Radnor Steel and hook 
up with Armitage Hall on July 1... the board likes her style, and 
this is going to be good news for smaller Chicago non-profits, 
since she's not against giving the big grants, but wants to do 
more small grants too like at Radnor.