Public Relations Writing: Online Study - 2

      A few simple rules for this course.

      1. You should sign on every Tuesday and Friday -- new information will go online twice a week. You will get an assignment on Tuesday that is due on Friday (via email). Then you'll get an assignment on Friday that's due the following Tuesday.

        This is to your advantage. The students in my classroom will get feedback from in-class writing exercises. You'll get that same feedback from the work you do for Friday's deadline.

      2. You should expect to work 4-5 hours a week on this course -- sometimes more. That's about what in-class students do. Even though you can choose your own hours to study, you are expected to keep up with the class schedule, twice a week.

      3. This online course is not just a Web-based textbook, with email assignments. Like any good class, it's a relationship between you and your teacher (me). The relationship will be via email instead of face-to-face, but it will still be a relationship that we both have to work to maintain -- mostly through email.

      4. You will need to use a word processor to send me most of your assignments as Word documents. Therefore you'll need to know how to use the "Attach File" option on your email. But I'm not making a fetish of the Internet, and if you can drop off your assignments as hard copies at the Marketing Communication Department front desk, you're welcome to do so.

      5. I would like to meet you during the first week of classes. Give me a call at 312-344-7603 (or 344-7600) to let me know when you'll be on campus and we'll set a time.

      6. For your final exam you will need to come into the classroom. You can come in the morning or the evening of Wednesday, May 30, 9:30-11:30 a.m. or 5:30-7:30 p.m. If you have other classes scheduled during both these periods, we'll find an alternative time for your final.

      7. You are welcome to visit me in my office whenever I'm on campus, which is most of the time -- but make an appointment first, by phone or email, so you're sure I'm here. And of course you can always contact me by email: use the "Email" link on the navigation bar if you like -- my address is

      8. You are also welcome to visit my personal home page at any time. It's at (or just click on the pencil logo at the top of each page). But you don't really need to go there -- everything you need is on the Web site where you are already reading this.

      9. Your next step now should be to check out the syllabus by clicking on "Syllabus" on the navigation bar. Give this syllabus a careful reading. Since I can't discuss it in detail with you, I want you to take the initiative to let me know if there's anything there you don't understand. Or maybe there's something else you'd like to know about PR writing that I don't seem to have covered. I want to make sure you get what you need from this course -- and I want you to understand why some topics are covered in such detail. So read it carefully and email me with feedback. Then go on to the "Lessons".