Public Relations Writing: Getting Started

      Welcome to your online course in Public Relations Writing.

      In this course you will learn to write a really good press release. The ability to write a good press release is greatly in demand -- in Hollywood and in Washington, D.C.... in corporate communications offices as well as grass-roots movements... in non-profits and in the billion-dollar agencies... and every other enterprise that benefits from public awareness of its activities.

      As you learn how to write a good press release, you will acquire many other skills, including how to write a public service announcement (PSA), pitch letter, video news release (VNR), and other tools of a PR campaign. Above all, you will improve your critical thinking ability. But it all starts with a really good press release.

      You should already have completed your self-test -- the Online Student Basic Skills Test . That was to help you assess your computer skills -- so you can let me know if there's anything I can help you with. Now there's another survey -- the Distance Education Survey , which looks at personal study styles. I would like you to complete these ten questions and return the survey to me in the Marketing Communication Department office some time during this first week of classes.

      Next stop -- a couple pages on Online Study , a few things you need to know about this course.

Alton Miller