Sample confirmation letter
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                     Sample confirmation letter

Dear Mr. Vele,

Thanks for inviting Arthur Rivlin to join you on Sunday, May 28, 
for the "Booktime" program on WKOC-FM.  We'll be there in your 
downtown studios, at 100 N. LaSalle St., no later than 6:45 -- I 
explained to Mr. Rivlin that you wanted us on the air promptly at 
7:00 p.m.

I think your viewers will be fascinated by Arthur Rivlin's 
experiences as an adventurer -- on the Great Lakes and on his trip 
across the Atlantic last year.  He's not only nautical, he's 
something of a philosopher as well, as you could probably tell 
from his bestselling book, "SAIL! Everything Must Go!"

The New York Times's reviewer Janis Haley compared his book to 
"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."  Publisher's Weekly 
called it "an invigorating example of American adventure writing 
at its best."

Arthur Rivlin is looking forward to his conversation with you. In 
my opinion, he's particularly interesting on the subjects of:

      -  How he got started sailing -- from an auto repair 
         business to the high seas, it's quite a story...               

      -  The adventures he enjoyed in his three-week Atlantic 
         crossing, and how he was "saved" by flying fish...

      -  How he manages to maintain an "ocean-going boat" on a 
         middle-class wage-earner's salary...

      -  Why he wrote the book, and how writing a book about 
         sailing changed his life even more than the sailing 

We're looking forward to a lively show.  Thanks again.


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