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Marketing Communication Department

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In the age of information, the art of persuasion is key.

    The culture of advertising shapes and colors the world we live in.
    The science of marketing turns technological innovations into billion-dollar industries.
    The skills of public relations dominate not only the marketplace of ideas, but the political arena as well.

  • As a Marketing Communication major: you can focus on Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing, or Creative Sports Marketing.

  • Or make Marketing your Minor: As an arts major (in any department) you can minor in Marketing Communication or e-Commerce, and prepare your talents for the world wide marketplace. Marketing Communication courses are important for

    • ...writers, actors, artists,
      ...filmmakers, producers, editors, directors, operators, sound technicians, photographers,
      ...singers, voice-over talent, musicians, technicians, graphic designers,
      ...dancers, choreographers,
      ...special events organizers,
      ...concert promoters, multimedia specialists, website designers
      ...and all creative entrepreneurs who plan to turn their talent into a paying career.

The worldwide information industry is exploding with opportunities — and with fresh challenges that put a new competitive burden on artists, technicians, businesspeople and civic leaders to learn to promote their messages effectively. The best way to get into the game is to work and study with the professionals who are making up the rules as they go along — and then breaking them into exciting new forms.

Our teaching features hands-on experience with the best in the profession. Our faculty members are working professionals — the creative minds who have made Chicago a world capital of advertising, marketing, and public relations.

Students majoring in Marketing Communication select from among four concentrations: go to Programs for detailed information.

    Advertising: To develop a solid academic understanding of the principles of advertising psychology and technique, and to acquire professional expertise and hands-on experience in applying those principles to the student’s individual interests.

    Marketing: To learn the fundamentals of conceptualizing, pricing, promoting and distribution of ideas, goods and services, and then to gain practical experience in organizing and executing marketing strategies in a real-world environment.

    Public Relations: To accomplish skills of organization and communication leading to a mastery of a variety of media techniques to help organizations reach, teach, and influence public opinion, in the context of a unified marketing plan.

    Creative Sports Marketing: Sports sponsorship is emerging as the "new advertising." It's more economical than traditional advertising and more targeted than mass media, yet can reach billions in a single sports event. Sports has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries, and sponsorships capitalize on fans' emotional attachments to their teams as part of their everyday lifestyles.

e-Commerce Minor: The Marketing Communication Department offers arts students from every other Columbia College major a set of courses to help them market their talents in the World Wide Marketplace.

Our Faculty
The Department brings to its students the attention of faculty who provide advice and counsel in the development of each student's program. The teaching strengths of the Department of Marketing Communication are reflected in the fact that all faculty members are working as full-time professionals in advertising and public relations agencies, and in organizations that use marketing skills.

The Internship Program
An internship in a Chicago advertising, marketing, or public relations agency is often the springboard to entry into the profession. The Department provides upper division students juniors and seniors with the opportunity to intern as part of their program at Columbia. The internship earns credit hours that are included in the total hours required for the major.

Effective marketing communication is the crucial element in the successful development of businesses and organizations. It is a field which is focused on strategic marketing of goods and services, and the communication of information to support marketing goals. With marketing communication skills, creative artists are empowered to control their own careers.

      "Communication dominates our society as perhaps the single most influential human activity. More than half of all Americans work in jobs that produce or distribute information. In our Department, we provide students with an intensive understanding of the disciplines of Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations. Our mission is to prepare students to enter the professional work force."


Margaret Sullivan

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