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Adcult Books

Books related to the culture of advertising.

November 28, 2003

Turn of the Century, by Kurt Andersen – In the opening scene of Kurt Andersen's rambunctious debut novel, Turn of the Century, George MacTier, the contemplative TV-producer protagonist, is startled by the insistent vibrations of his pocketed cell phone and spills his steaming Starbucks latte all over the neon spandex uniform of an irate bike messenger. Such are the casualties of the coming millennium. Andersen, with the poignancy of a prophet and the irreverence of a late-night talk-show host, celebrates the bizarre vicissitudes of the 21st century in this giddy, sprawling portrait of millennial absurdity. (From more...:

November 27, 2003
New Findings: Materialism Damages Well-Being: If I were in advertising, I think I would be starting to worry a bit about findings like these. Our whole economic system, with its targeted annual increases in gross domestic product, is founded upon the concept of satisfying the desire for more; and advertising exists only to help generate that desire. But what if people became convinced that acquisitiveness, rather than adding to their happiness, was standing in its way? more...:

October 26, 2003
Neuromarketing – There's a Sucker Born in Every Medial Prefrontal Cortex: Researchers at the Mind of the Market Laboratory at Harvard Business Schoolwork as full-fledged "neuromarketers," conducting brain research with the help of corporate financing and sharing their results with their sponsors. This summer, when it opened its doors for business, the BrightHouse Institute for Thought Sciences in Atlanta became the first neuromarketing firm to boast a Fortune 500 consumer-products company as a client. (The client's identity is currently a secret.) The institute will scan the brains of a representative sample of its client's prospective customers, assess their reactions to the company's products and advertising and tweak the corporate image accordingly. more...:

October 2, 2003
Internet TV Will Increase the Dominance of American Content Worldwide: As broadband internet spreads around the world, television distribution over the new medium moves from experimentation to commercial possibility. The question then arises of whether this medium will be dominated by US content, as film and television have been. Will TV over the internet be American? more...: