Press Release Checklist Item #9

This short item is from the Press Release Checklist,
a list of common problems with PR writing assignments.

Baskerville Old Face #9

Poor organization of paragraphs -- Not just on your Message Planner, but where it matters -- in the release. When you set out to communicate a message, you make sure that your lead paragraph sets the tone -- but it will probably not convey the entire message. It may summarize the message, but you will need to make a number of points to clarify or emphasize. For example, in your "From the Heart" release, you will probably need an entire paragraph to describe and demonstrate the extent of Mayor Cline's support for the project... you will need another paragraph to explain what the Westland College Student Association is all about... you will need yet another paragraph to identify and give credit to the Anodyne Shelter... and so on. These don't have to be long paragraphs (remember my guidelines: no sentence longer than three typewritten lines, no paragraphs longer than three sentences) but they do need to be arranged in the most effective order. That's your job. You should use your pre-writing to create the order, but in the writing you may discover a more effective flow... go with it. Just keep in mind: each graf should be centered on a single point, and when you've made the point, indent 15-20 spaces and make your next point.