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Purdue University Online Writing Lab is a terrific resource for a writer-in-training (and aren't we all?). The OWL is designed to offer distance learning for the Purdue community as well as other Internet users. Their primary goal is to help writers improve their writing skills by offering them a variety of online services and materials and an introduction to searching for information on the Internet. They also hope that this project will help to develop future innovative uses of the Internet for distance learning and writing instruction.

The Kirk Hallahan home page at Colorado State University has not been unpdated since 2005, but he has provided a useful organization of material. Follow his links to the Publicity Primer for example, or to his Short Style Guide, or his Course Resources, a collection of PR links which far excels the few selections on the web page you're now reading.

Public Relations: An Overview is a good outline of what PR is, what PR does, the elements of PR, etc. -- provided by the Public Relations Society of America.

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Some of my students have told me they never listen to radio. That's useful information for my research into the 19-to-21-year-old demographic. But as you will learn from this report by Nielsen, "State Of The Media: Audio Today 2014," those students are not typical of the all-important Millenials demo (18-34). (Download full report here)