PR Writing -- How to Name Your Files

Whenever you turn in a rewrite, you must name it correctly. I will gently but firmly return your assignments unopened if they are not correctly addressed. This is not only to keep your work separate from other classwork. It's also part of your education and training as a PR professional. The best-written work in the world is totally useless if it is misaddressed and never reaches the person you need to reach. PR professionals can't be loosey-goosey about such details.

Name your files correctly: PRW, then a hyphen, then your last name, hyphen, the name of the assignment, and the version number. Use hyphens, not underlines (which mess up alpha order). Also, put "PRW" in the subject line of every email to me.

Note that you do not use a version number for your first draft of each assignment – only for rewrites. For example,

    Ms. Jackson's first draft of the "Evita" assignment will be:


    It may come back to her with my edits and a grade, like:


    Her "Evita" rewrite will be:


    If she does another draft it will become #3:


    When you need to get my attention with a question, email me at Be sure to put PRW in the subject line, which should look something like this (your last name is not necessary)


... again, ALWAYS put "PRW" somewhere in the subject line of every email to me.

Remember – your email must be correctly addressed, so your email goes into the course folder... and your documents must be correctly named, so they're not lost on my hard drive. Keeping delivery protocols straight is an important aspect of the Information Age, and thus it will affect your grade if you can't master this simple fact. More importantly, I may not even know you've sent me email if it lacks that PRW and is not routed to the right place.