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Public Relations Writing: Assignments

Lesson One assignment due 12 midnight Sunday, February 2

    Click here for all the information you need to do the first assignment of this course -- which is to write a press release about a food drive. Name the assignment "PRW-yourname-PRHeart" and email to me by midnight Sunday, Feb. 2. This is a "benchmark" assignment and will not be graded, so do your best and don't worry about the rest.

Lesson Two assignments due 12 midnight Sunday, February 9

...Let's work on your Message Planner by the numbers...

  1. Make the most important decision first: your 5W's... Who is doing something that will make news?.... What are they doing that is newsworthy?... this is the spine of your story.
  2. Remember your Where and When should always, somehow, translate to Here and Now
  3. Wrestle with your Why, and consider several different options. Whatever you reject in favor of a stronger or more colorful Why will be reused when you get into your Key Ideas.
  4. Go on to your "So What?" (the "6th W")... this will produce your news angle. What is there about this story that makes it compelling. Dig deeper, ask "So What" again, and again. Make your story cynic-proof.
  5. For now, fill in the rest as best you can, and go on to the Message -- Your message should incorporate the 5W's and the "So What" and it should be a 2-3 sentence sound bite that conveys all the essential information. If nothing else, it can be used as a fully informative caption on a photo publicizing your event.