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Final Portfolio & Extra Credit

Due no later than 12 midnight on Sunday of the final week, i.e., May 17.
Please be sure to double check each release against the information on the page, Evaluating Press Releases. Fine tune your work using the Press Release Checklist

Your final portfolio may be sent to me as online attachments. Please send all NINE of these documents as attachments to the same email. The NINE individual documents should be named as shown here (LastName means your last name, dummy):

  1. Media Alert named " PRW-LastName-Alert"
  2. Press Release & MP named " PRW-LastName-Westland"
  3. Press Release & MP named "PRW-LastName-Evita"
  4. Press Release & MP named "PRW-LastName-Product Release" ("Natgo")
  5. Press Release & MP named "PRW-LastName-Feature" ("Lowden Park")
  6. Press Release & MP named "PRW-LastName-Midterm" ("Haddaway")
  7. Broadcast Release & MP named "PRW-LastName-PSA"
  8. Script Treatment &Working Script named "PRW-LastName-VNR"
  9. MP plus Confirmation Letter & Pitch Letter named "PRW-LastName-Pitch"
  10. Your final portfolio may be sent to me as online attachments. Please send all NINE documents as attachments to the same email

(If, however, you're interested in what a good portfolio should look like, take a look at this page on Resumes, Portfolios and Cover Letters from Texas Tech University.)

  And, for extra credit, which will have the same weight as each of the other assignments: I will throw out your lowest graded assignment (not counting the final exam, which is final) and substitute the grade you receive on the extra credit assignment. You may do one or both. However, the absence of any extra credit work will not affect your grade in any way.
    Planning Memo: From your reading about planning memos in Lesson Eleven, prepare a planning memo for Jessica Haddaway, to outline your PR ideas for getting the most mileage out of Jessica Haddaway's appointment at Armitage Hall.

    Backgrounder: From your reading about backgrounders in Lesson Eleven, prepare a 4-5 page backgrounder for the "Natgo"promotion.