5 W's Worksheet

Use this worksheet to test your 5 W's. Be sure they combine to fit into a two-sentence summary that answers the question: "What's the most important thing I have to say?"

Use the TAB key to move from one blank to the next and type over the descriptive comments in each blank below:

Who is at the center of the story? Who's doing something?

What is he/she/they doing that is newsworthy?

Where is this happening? Now? This week?

When is this happening? Here? Locally?

Why or how is this happening? Use a complete new sentence.

Now click on this "Click" button     

Is this a clear, compelling two-sentence statement that captures the essence of the story? Is the Subject (the "Who") really the central character, the "star" of the show? Is "What" they are doing truly the most newsworthy?
If the answer to any of these questions is no, reload this page (F5, or Ctrl-R) and try again.