Press Release Checklist Item #3

This short item is from the Press Release Checklist,
a list of common problems with PR writing assignments.

Baskerville Old Face #3

Your "Where" and your "When" are not "Here" and "Now" -- As you know, "Proximity" and "Timeliness" are the two most important considerations for newspaper editors. If your Jan. 14 food drive press release leads off with information about a Feb. 14 program of free meals, the editor's instinct will be to file your release not with story ideas for this week, but in the "February file." You'll get a story in February, maybe, but you could have had a story in January and a story in February.) The same principle applies to a March press release which focuses on an April opening of a play. Your lead -- and your Message Planner -- should highlight the local, timely reasons why your story is news today.