Press Release Checklist Item #2

This short item is from the Press Release Checklist,
a list of common problems with PR writing assignments.

Baskerville Old Face #2

Your "Who" and your "What" are off the mark -- This is where you make the first decision about what's important in your news story. Who is the story about? What are they doing that calls for a news story? You have not made a good choice if you picked "The homeless of Turtle Bay" for the "Who" in your "From the Heart" release... remember, when you pick your "Who" you are "casting" your production. What the editor wants to know -- and what you need to know -- is "Who" is at the center of this story. "Who" is doing something that is newsworthy? Your release will be greatly aided by a good choice at this early stage of development. And of course, I immediately know you've missed the point if your "Who" and your "What" don't fit together as a single sentence. You must be bored hearing me say this by now, but about half the Message Planners I look at are still missing this point.